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Two of my scripts, Davy Cricket and Baker's Dozen, are Top 100 Semi-Finalists in this year's Table Read My Screenplay - Chicago Contest. 

Filming is underway for my mystery-comedy All About Books - The Movie, a minor motion picture from Talefeather Productions. In addition to writing the script, I am playing prime murder suspect, Paul Kinkade.
Closing out the year with a concentrated push to get my comedy musical All Hands On Dick into production. I wrote the book and lyrics for the show. Multi-talented composer Bonnie Janofsky wrote the score.

My new blog is up and running. It features my recommendations for finding 
Movies Worth Watching. You can check it out by following this link: Hot Buttered Movies.

Now screening All About Books - The Movie / Teaser Trailer 
Music License “The Curtain Rises” and “Spy Glass”
Kevin Macleod (
Licensed Under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 

All About Books Season One episodes are available on the Public Excess TV website. 
Please visit and "Like" our Facebook page for Public Excess TV by following this link.

Completed Tommy Weebler's Not So Sunny Summer, the fifth novel in my Tommy Weebler's Almost Exciting Adventures book series for middle grade readers.
My wife Virginia completed sample key art for Tommy Weebler's Boring Summer Vacation, the first book in the same series.

It has been an extremely productive and creative year.
Completed writing my animation comedy Davy Cricket
Completed writing my new horror screenplay Moonsters.
Completed writing my new comedy screenplay Above the Grass

Celebrating the completion of my new horror screenplay Transmitters
Finished writing my screenplay BLACKMAIL DOESN'T TAKE STAMPS, a sequel to my mystery script, ASSASSINS DON'T PAY RENT.
Put the finishing touches on LEFTOVER GIRLS, my romantic revenge comedy script set in Beijing.
Completed my new dark comedy screenplay DAMNTRAK on December 28th.
Completed my new comedy screenplay A WING AND A PRAYER with my brother Mark.
Completed my new screenplay SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS with my brother Mark. Finished the script on my birthday.  
Completed my new action-adventure-horror screenplay RELATIVELY DEAD
Completed my 30th screenplay LONDONAUTS.
My wife Virginia's website is available here
My novel paraMADics is available online. 

Based on my cousin's six year stint as an Emergency Medical Technician, paraMADics tells the true coming-of-age story of Mark Bascomb's roller coaster entry into the world of the EMT where the difference between life and death is often measured in seconds.
Clicking here takes you to Amazon to download paraMADics to your Kindle, PC or Mac.
Clicking here takes you to Barnes and Noble to download paraMADics for The Nook.
Both versions can be read on iPad and Android tablets.

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