Screenplays and Novels Made Great
The Name Game
What do I share with literary luminaries Jonas Flagg, John Lansing, Gar Wilson and, my favorite, Axel Kilgore? All are pseudonyms I have used.

My Published Books
SEVEN DAYS TO DISASTER was my first book sold. Writing as Jonas Flagg, the novel was a collaborative effort with Geoffrey Graves concerning a reluctant hero coerced into joining an international organization of anti-terrorist watchdogs. Action and humor from start to finish. Planned as the first of a series (Three novels were written), the publisher folded before the second book could be published. 
The Eyes Have It
CHINA BLOODHUNT and BUCKINGHAM BLOWOUT were two novels written under the Axel Kilgore byline.  The series featured one-eyed mercenary Hank Frost and relied on fast action and droll wit to move the story along. Whatever became of Mama Kilgore's favorite son since then is anybody's guess.  


Grunt Work
BLACK EAGLES was a series set in Vietnam. AK-47 FIREFIGHT was written under a tight deadline of six weeks for the book's approximate 240 pages. Personal interviews conducted with veterans of the War provided an insight which proved invaluable for the novel's authenticity. 

When Necessary Use Force
PHOENIX FORCE was a team of international mercenaries who saved the world six times a year during the series' run. I enjoyed all of the characters but one. Thanks to me, he was wounded and out of commission for several books while a much more writer-friendly replacement filled in. I wrote seven titles in the series.

Whatever Works
101 USES FOR THE UNEMPLOYED was a project my wife Virginia and I worked on together. From initial concept to selling the book took less than a week.

The book was published in the U.S. and the U.K. where it was banned from several national bookstore chains. Copies were also sold in Australia.

To promote the book, we set up a table outside the Hollywood Unemployment Office and gave away free copies until somebody with no sense of humor called the police and we were forced to leave, but not before we had been interviewed by several local television stations.

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