Screenplays and Novels Made Great

It all starts with a good script.

As production designer on LOGAN, FORD v FERRARI and GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, I've found that you know what you're in for by reading that first draft. The script is the foundation for the rest of the effort. It fuels the dreams and aspirations of the creative team. 

Paul Glen Neuman is that rare breed of screenwriter who delivers fun to read, commercial, technically-proficient scripts. There are tremendous opportunities in his collection for someone to build their dreams upon.

I encourage any producer to take a serious look at this talented screenwriter and his extensive library of scripts.
I am a feature film editor and a member of American Cinema Editors (A.C.E.), the Motion Picture Academy and the Television Academy. I have been awarded an Emmy and and A.C.E. Eddy for my work.
I have known Paul Glen Neuman for twenty years. As an avid fan of Mr. Neuman's writing, I never fail to be amazed at his versatility -- from Comedy, to Thriller to Sci-Fi and Drama.
Mr. Neuman has an outrageous sense of humor and exceptional talent for creating well drawn, vivid characters. His scripts are funny, clever and very marketable.
I have been in this crazy entertainment business for over thirty years. During this time I've observed how people interact with coworkers.
The best individuals are those who hold their passions as high as their respect for others. This is especially important in an industry where passions sometime rob you of your feelings.
I am a long time friend and associate of Paul Glen Neuman. We've known each other twenty years. He follows his passion and treats everyone around him with love, respect and gratitude.
Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to produce a few movies and work on many productions.  I am currently working side by side with Paul on projects based upon several of his screenplays. He is a truly wonderful human being inside and out!
To anyone reading these testimonials, take note: If you are looking for an amazing, funny and oh so talented writer, your search is over! Paul is one of the best!
With genuine love, he turns words into laughter and tears. He pours his heart and soul into his projects and holds nothing back.
Paul always give it his all, which shows in all of his scripts, books and writing he does for magazines.
I work in the turbulent and volatile world of financial services. Skilled writers are exceedingly hard to find in my business. In 1981, luck brought me a skilled wordsmith and storyteller -- Paul Glen Neuman.
As founding editor of Registered Representative, the nation's first trade publication for brokers, I quickly realized early in my career that genuinely talented writers were scarce. Even rarer were those who specialized in certain genres or industries, but who could also adapt to other situations if they arose. Well, that was Paul.
He was able to immediately undertake major interviews and assignments of the highest caliber, including interfacing with presidents and CEOs of major Wall Street firms and stock exchanges with ease.
To say I was relieved to have Paul as my associate editor is an understatement; to say I was impressed, well, let's say thus began our long friendship and working relationship.
I may not be in the film industry, but I love movies and can appreciate the challenges screenwriters like Paul face as they strive to produce their best work time after time.
Screenwriting and creating dialogue confounds me, so I greatly admire the extraordinary writing and creative thinking that spills across every typewritten page.
Paul is an exceptional "skillful wordsmith" who is a brilliant storyteller. I never tire of reading each new screenplay. Better said, I eagerly await each one, all while trying to coax hints from Paul about the story as he writes...but to no avail. I just have to be patient.
Would I pay to go see a movie based on one of Paul's scripts? You bet! Not only would I be first in line, I'd even spring for the popcorn.
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