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DAVY CRICKET: (Family Animation Comedy) A cricket born and bred to be pet food escapes his fate and embarks upon an exciting adventure full of danger, discovery and unexpected friendships.

Top 100 Semi-Finalist for the 2017 Table Read My Screenplay - Chicago Contest
Quarter-Finalist Stage 32's Annual New Voices in Animation Screenwriting 
Quarter-Finalist Creative Screenwriting Animation Screenplay Competition 2021
Quarter-Finalist ScreenCraft Animation Competition 2022

FAIRY TRAIL: (Animation Comedy) In a world that co-exists with characters from classic fairy tales, Officer Glen Marcus is called upon to investigate the murders of the Three Little Pigs. 

Quarter-Finalist Creative Screenwriting Animation Screenplay Competition 2021
Quarter-Finalist ScreenCraft Animation Competition 2022


ABOVE THE GRASS: (Comedy) Welcome to Sea View Country Club, an assisted living facility where four friends make the best of a bad situation, and where success is measured by being above the grass when the sun comes up.

ALLES ODER NICHTS: (Romantic Comedy) When Stefanie and Mila meet at a group counseling session in Frankfurt and discover they both experienced the pain and humiliation of being dumped on their wedding day, they form a pact to go after each other's ex-boyfriend to make them pay for their heartless behavior in more ways than one.


ALL HANDS ON DICK: (Buddy Comedy) Desperate to rekindle his sagging career, former action superstar Dick Landberg signs on as the lead in a film before he's read the script, only to discover his comeback vehicle is an all-gay pirate movie.

Quarter-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices 2021

BAKER'S DOZEN: (Family-Comedy-Adventure) Willie Baker rushes to get his performing pig act from California to Texas for an audition with the Ringling Brothers Circus. The last thing he needs is three runaway kids hitching along for the ride.
Top 100 Semi-Finalist for the 2017 Table Read My Screenplay


BEST WESTERN: (Comedy-Western) In Cactus Springs, bank robbers get hanged. Daisy’s Tenderloins’ ladies aim to please, and Sheriff Roy Nottingham upholds the law with a six gun in one hand and a soup spoon in the other.

BUMPER TO BUMPER: (Comedy) After their dealership is sold, four used car salesman are given one day to outsell the new sales team or lose their jobs.

DAMNTRAK: (Dark Comedy-Fantasy) Recently deceased Eddie Agro takes a ride on the ultimate soul train when a clerical error in the underworld's Accounting Department mistakenly sends him to hell.

FLUSHED: (Buddy-Sports-Comedy) When twin coaches of the football team with the worst record in Florida state history have one season to play in a Bowl game or lose their jobs, their only hope is the Toilet Bowl.

HEAVEN CAN'T WAIT: (Family-Comedy-Fantasy) An angel from a dry cleaners in Heaven borrows a customer's wings and crash lands on Earth. Now Michael has forty-eight hours to repair his broken wings or he’ll never see Heaven again.

IN THE CHILL OF THE MORNING: (Buddy Comedy Mystery) In a comedic homage to In The Heat of The Night, Marshall Arts, a black security specialist from Ohio, reluctantly teams up with Clark Barr, the bigoted Chief of Police of Ball, Mississippi to solve a series of brutal murders.

Semi-Finalist Ojai Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2023

LEFTOVER GIRLS: (Romantic Revenge Comedy) When two beautiful Chinese women discover they were both dumped on their wedding day, they form a pact to go after each other's ex-boyfriend to make them pay in more ways than one.

LETHAL AUDIT: (Action Buddy Comedy) A seasoned government auditor and his rookie apprentice run for their lives in Orlando when a routine audit leads to murder and they are the only suspects. 

MILK MEN: (Family-Comedy) After convincing the city’s kids to buy milk instead of sweets, Milk Man and his sidekick Calcium Boy must battle the nefarious forces of the Fein & Dandy Candy Company. 

Quarter-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices 2022
Top 100 Semi-Finalist for the 2017 Table Read My Screenplay

paraMADics: (Dramedy) Adapted from my novel about my cousin's stint as an Emergency Medical Technician, this chronicles his roller coaster ride as a rookie EMT where the difference between life and death is often measured in seconds.

REALLY REALLY HOPELESS: (Romantic Comedy) Shaun Thorne copes with his wife deserting him on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary—especially devastating and humiliating considering Shaun works as a marriage counselor in Romford UK.

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS: (Family-Holiday-Comedy) After losing their jobs as elves at New Orleans tourist trap Santa's North Pole Plantation, three friends meet a little person street musician claiming to be a real elf who might be telling the truth. 


SCARLETT FEVER: (Comedy/Short) Brian Wexler wakes up one morning to discover that his wife Carla, who was born in Detroit and has never been south of Cincinnati, suddenly decides she's Scarlett O'Hara.

SCRATCHER: (Dark Romantic Comedy) After owners of a supermarket chain sponsor a contest and wind up with more Grand Prize winners than they can afford, they decide it's cheaper to hire a hit man to bump them off. Now winners Leonard and Callie are running for their lives, hoping they live long enough to fall in love.

Quarter-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition 2023
Top 100 Semi-Finalist for the 2021 Table Read My Screenplay Comedy Genre Contest.

SHELL SHOCKED: (Comedy) After 24 years, Walnut Creek’s Walnut Festival replaces their King Walnut mascot with Sammy the Squirrel. Now Larry Sweet/King Walnut is cracking up. Heaven help the citizens of Walnut Creek.

Quarter-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition 2023 
THAT'S LIFE: (Buddy Comedy) When Frank and Dean take possession of a large amount of mob money meant for L.A.'s reigning crime boss, they're in for a night they'll never forget...if they live long enough to remember.


THE BOOT: (Dark Comedy) Through the government’s Nonni Program, a down-on-their-luck Italian family adopts what turns out to be the grandfather-from-hell in order to claim his inheritance when he dies.

Semi-Finalist Ojai Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2023
Quarter-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters Genre Comedy 2023 
Quarter-Finalist, Filmatic - Inroads Fellowship Season 4 2021 

THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NIGHT BEFORE: (Family-Christmas-Comedy) After three hundred years on the job, Santa Claus sells all rights to his likeness to one of the world's largest online retailers, and retires to rural Fillmore, California where nothing goes according to plan.

WISHCRAFT INC.: (Comedy-Fantasy) The devil decides to retire and Kahuna and Shade, his two top demons, compete to fill the old man's shoes by using a one-hit wonder singer-songwriter to bring about the end of the world.



FILAREE(Based Upon the Novel by Marguerite Noble) Filaree tells the true story of Melissa Baker’s life spanning sixty years that shows while men may have conquered the West, it was the women who tamed it.

PETTICOAT RULERS: (Drama) Tells the true story of the historic 1920 election in Jackson, Wyoming that created the first city government in the United States run entirely by women.

Top 100 Semi-Finalist for the 2020 Table Read My Screenplay Genre Competition Historical/Bio.


24/7 DEAD(Horror) In a world where science allows cops killed in the line of duty to remain on the force, Detective Steckler and his undead partner battle zombies during the most dangerous eight-hour shift of their career.

MR. & MRS. TAPWORTH: (Horror/Short) John Tapworth's plan to permanently get rid of his wife hits an unfortunate snag when he discovers Gloria Tapworth has plans of her own.

SHOW DOWN: (Horror/Short) Thirteen-year-old Chessmaster Charlie has never lost a match. Neither has ten-year-old Debbie Bishop. For their one and only game, the stakes have never been higher.

STAFF INFECTION: (Horror) Carver Wells must fight for his life after an ER patient unleashes a deadly contagion that traps Carver inside a hospital thrown into a quarantined lock down.

THE BARRIER: (Horror) Travelers stranded in a lodge during a blizzard accidentally reopen a doorway that allows an exiled monster to return to Earth.

VANPIRE(Horror) Looking for an easy meal, an 80s era vampire, whose van is a coffin on wheels, goes to college to quench his thirst for higher education—all while a determined homicide detective fights to end the blood-sucking monster’s murderous rampage.


ASSASSINS DON'T PAY RENT: (Mystery-Comedy/First of a Trilogy) Charlie West searches for his private investigator uncle’s killers, assisted by Philip Spade, a “fictional” detective come to life, and the woman who originally hired his uncle for the case that got him killed.


BLACKMAIL DOESN'T TAKE STAMPS: (Mystery-Comedy/Second of a Trilogy) Hired to recover compromising films made when an aging star was younger, Charlie West and Philip Spade lock horns with an enemy willing to murder to keep West and Spade from achieving their goal.

SHARKS DON’T ALWAYS SWIM: (Mystery-Comedy/Third of a Trilogy) It’s Charlie West and incomparable detective Philip Spade vs. Blackbeard and Long John Silver when everybody’s favorite dog Toto steals a treasure map that the infamous pirates are all too willing to kill for to possess.

KDOA 107.9 FM: (Science-Fiction) KDOA radio personalities, Max Holder and Darci Cable, close out their nightly midnight to 6 a.m. show with a front row seat to an alien invasion.

LONDONAUTS: (Science-Fiction) Centuries after their mission began, the crew of the Spaceship Europa returns to an Earth ruled by aliens for more than five hundred years.

Semi-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Animation Screenplay Competition
Quarter-finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices 2022 
Quarter-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition 2022 Semi-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition 2022 Quarter-Finalist 6th Annual Stage32 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Contest 2022

MOONSTERS: (Science Fiction) Decades after President Nixon ordered a moon rock broken up and distributed to 135 countries, a massive solar storm striking Earth reveals the "rocks" are seeds left on the moon by an alien invasion force. Now two Secret Service agents must race against time to stop the invasion and save the lives of their children.


OUT OF THIS WORLD: (Science Fiction) A small rural town in California comes under attack when a U.S. Communications Satellite provides the gateway for an alien invasion of Earth.

TOUR DE FORCE: (Science-Fiction) All hell breaks loose after a tourist is killed in Miami and the victim's sister comes to claim his body. Both are aliens from another planet.


COLD WARRIORS: (Action Thriller) Based on factual events, when corporate downsizing hits the Central Intelligence Agency, not all of the senior agents being let go are content to stroll quietly off into the sunset, ultimately setting the stage for a deadly confrontation pitting the field-tested professionals against the superior numbers of their younger counterparts. 

DEATH MERCHANT: (First of a Proposed Trilogy) Based on the multi-million selling action-adventure series by Joseph R. Rosenberger about a freelance operative for the CIA who’s a master of death, destruction and disguise.

The stakes couldn't be higher as Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, races against time to stop a demented billionaire from destroying civilization.

EXECUTABLE: (Action Thriller) College student John Strickland doesn't realize he has something to die for—the file of the only surviving copy of everyone in the Federal Witness Relocation Program that the New York Mob and the Russian Mafia desperately want.

HITS & MRS.: (Mystery-Thriller) It's a Honeymoon from Hell when David Myler learns his bride is a professional assassin and he's at the top of her hit list. 


OUTRIDER: (Western) A Civil War veteran avenges his brother's bullet at a time.

       Quarter-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting
     Unique Voices 2022                                                                                                     
     Quarter-Finalist Emerging Screenwriters 2024


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